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Postdoctoral Fellow

Funded postdoctoral fellowship available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Erin S. Calipari to study the circuit and molecular mechanisms that regulate reward learning and valence encoding and their dysregulation in psychiatric disease. Our studies combine highly innovative and novel technical approaches with questions assessing motivation and learning and how it is dysregulated in drug addiction.

Our lab incorporates a variety of innovative approaches, including in vivo calcium imaging, chemogenetics, viral-mediated tracing and gene transfer strategies, operant conditioning, and analytical chemistry (e.g., fast scan cyclic voltammetry).  Additional information about the laboratory is available at:

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Psychology or related discipline. Experience with molecular biology/biochemistry techniques, chemogenetics, and/or circuit techniques is especially desirable, as is a background in motivation and learning. Successful candidates will possess a strong track record of publication in top neuroscience and/or pharmacology journals.

Please send CV with names of three references and a statement of research interests that discusses your particular fit within our research program to

Research Technician

A research technician (or lab manager) position is available starting this Fall. The overall long-term goal of the lab is to study mechanisms of psychiatric disease to devise therapeutic strategies in rodent models by combining genetic and pharmacologic approaches.

Position Activities
The technician will be responsible for performing behavioral tests on mice and rats. The tests will include completing intravenous catheterizations and running the animals daily. The technician will assist with the maintenance of mouse and rat colonies and the collection and processing of tissue for anatomical, biochemical or molecular biological studies.

The technician will further assist with tasks related to routine laboratory management, such as ordering supplies and maintaining equipment and maintaining inventory of basic lab equipment and supplies.  

Minimum Requirements
Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Life Sciences with interest in Neuroscience previous laboratory experience is preferred. Ability to structure work without supervision. Demonstrated organizational skills, good work ethics, excellent judgment and ability to interpret information and protocol requirements, ability to multitask and to interact effectively with all levels of staff and personnel.

Highly Desired Requirements
Previous experience with behavioral assays, stereotaxic surgery, molecular techniques (such as PCR and Western blotting). Previous surgical experience, especially with intravenous catheterizations.

Please send CV with names of three references and a statement of research interests that discusses your particular fit within our research program to